Description: An exercise to test cloth simulation.

Software: Maya, SyFlex

Credit: Pre-rigged character PackageMan by Rigging101

Realflow Test

Description: A text of water simulation. Filled particles into one of my chess set peice.

Software: Maya, Realflow


Description: A test of Maya fluid.

Software: Maya

Mel Test

Description: A MEL(Maya Embedde Language) exercise. First I used Davveys Stair Generator to create the stairs, then used MEL to animate it.

Software: Maya,Davveys Stair Generator

Credit: Davveys_Stair_Generator


Description: A softbody exercise.

Software: Maya


Description: A rigidbody exercise.

Software: Maya

Credit: Pre-rigged character Andy by John Doublestein


Description: A particle exercise of smoke.

Software: Maya

Blastcode Test

Description: A test of cracking a peice of glass.

Software: Maya, Blast Code